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Plaza Grande

The Zócalo, or better known as the Plaza Grande, is the heart of the Historic Center of the city of Merida. Every day, and at all hours, there is a great influx of families and tourists, both local and foreign. In the evenings you can listen to music, watch various shows and regional dances and enjoy some regional foods

Around the Plaza Grande are different historic buildings: the Cathedral of San Ildefonso, the House of Francisco de Montejo, as well as the Municipal and Governmental Palaces.   

In the Plaza Grande various important events are celebrated during the year, such as the City Anniversary, Independence Day and Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos.  

Santa Lucia Park

Also known as Barrio de Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia Park is one of the oldest parks in Merida. It is located in the Historic Center of Merida and only several blocks from La Plaza Grande.

During the Spanish domination of Mexico, the place was used to assist sick people. It was not until 1804 that – by decree – it was transformed into a Square, aka The Main Square.  Right across from the park, on the East side of the street, located the Church of Santa Lucia, which was built at the end of the 16th century.

Every Thursday night it becomes the scene of the traditional Yucatecan serenades. You can listen to music played live by the Orquesta Típica de Yucatán, Trova {poetry with music} and trios. At times you can also watch the typical dance of Yucatan known as jarana.  In the North and West side of the park, one can find a variety of restaurants, offering different cuisines.

Santa Ana Park

Also known as el Barrio de Santa Ana, the park shares its ground with the famous Santa Ana Church. Also, on the South East side of the park, one can find a small market that offers stands of local delicacies as well as artisan works typical to the Yucatan. The constriction the Santa Ana Church began in 1729 and ended in 1733. The entire façade is made from a solid stone. 

At different times of the year the park is being used for various cultural festivals like the famous Guelaguetza de Oaxaca.  

The La Mejorada Park

The park La Mejorada is surrounded by different buildings, one of which is the Church of La Mejorada – one of the oldest churches in Merida built in the 17th Century. Part of the church was originally used as a Franciscan convent. Today it serves as the architecture faculty, part of the Autonomous University of Yucatan. In the center of the park one can find the famous monument in honor of the Hero Children, or Los Niños Heroes de Chapultepec.  On the west side of the park one can find the famous restaurant Los Almendros, the Spanish restaurant El Segoviano and the museum of Mexican popular arts and crafts, or el Museo del Arte Popular. The first hospital ever in Merida was built in La Mejorada in the year 1562.

The Mother’s Park

The Mother’s Park, or Parque de la Madre, was built in 1909 and is located on Calle 60 between The Church of the Third Order (la Iglesia de la Tercera Orden) and the Peón Contreras theatre. This park is considered the first park in the country that is dedicated to all mothers.

Centered in the park you can see the Monument to Motherhood, a replica of the French sculptor Alfred Lenoir. The original sculpture is in Paris, France.

Every May 10th – since 1927 – people come to celebrate Mother’s Day in the park. Flower petals are left at the foot of the monument, songs are sung and poems are read.  The Mother’s Monument is lit so beautifully at night that it is worth a visit.